Welcome to the future; the quite-expensive-but-totally-immersive future!

With the launch of PlayStation VR this October 13, 2016, Sony fans are looking forward to games that will take them out of their humdrum lives and make use of their rapidly atrophying muscles. It pays to exercise outside but when you can pay to exercise inside your house without looking like an idiot in public, then all the better!

Oasis Games, a leading Chinese publisher, sees the potential in this muscle-decaying market and plans to release a series of VR titles that will have us all flailing around like a flock of geese during open season. With each game having a different flavor, there's bound to be one on this list that will get you off your chair and onto the battlefield of your living room.

Let's take a look at the titles, shall we?


Set to launch on October 13 to coincide with the release of the PlayStation VR, Time of Virtual Reality's Ace Banana is a game that seeks to increase your overall potassium levels.

If playing the role of an archer banana wasn't enough, the title tasks you with protecting your banana tribe from a pack of overzealous monkeys. As these primitive primates precariously proceed to your potassium property in waves, it is your job to use the PlayStation Move controllers to pick off and shoot them back to whatever tropical country they came from. Conventional arrows, plungers, fish, and even panda bears are just a few types of ammunition that you can use to let man's closest relatives know their place.

Whether in single player or co-op, Ace Banana features a light-hearted tone, wacky soundtrack, and more insane monkeys than those you normally would find in congress. Though not shown in the trailer, I sure hope that these monkeys can't fight back with fecal projectiles of their own. 


If arrows aren't cutting it, then maybe you'd prefer a more modern weapon for a more modern time?

Pixel Gear looks a lot like a Minecraft mod where, instead of letting you craft materials and befriend blocky animals, you get to shoot and destroy everything in an attempt to reduce the population to one - that one being you.

Developed by Geronimo Interactive, the game features six levels which include a variety of blocky creatures and environments, all of which react to the bullets you fire as a result of your Rambo-inspired rampage. You can then murder both animate and inanimate objects with a number of upgradeable weapons and defensive powers that let you control the ebb and flow of time.

Though you can never get revenge on that Creeper that destroyed your house in Minecraft, you can still cut loose on pixelated monstrosities when Pixel Gear gets released this October 20.


Of course there had to be horror games; no VR platform worth their salt can last long if players don't get a chance to use it to realistically soil themselves.

The first horror game (which is slated for an October 27 release) is Weeping Doll, a dark and mysterious title developed by TianShe Media which sees you exploring the inside of a seemingly-abandoned home so full of dolls that it would put your sister's Barbie collection to shame.

As you make your way from room to room, you will interact with various objects and solve puzzles, all while uncovering the secret to why a tortured infant's doll is harassing her parents. There isn't a lot of exposition given, but Weeping Doll seems to be set on giving you nightmares that are that much closer to home. You'll never see Barbies the same way ever again.


What is it with horror games and puzzles?

Try solving puzzles when the majority of your thoughts are set on keeping your bladder shut. Another horror-themed puzzle game, DYING: Reborn has you using crowbars, fire extinguishers, and countless switches as you try to escape this first-person horror house.

Developed by Nekcom Entertainment and set to release next January 2017, the game will also have both a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version, the latter of which you can take with you to the bathroom so you don't need to worry about keeping your bladder shut. I'd hate to see that mannequin while I'm having my alone time in the restroom.


Another title from Time of Virtual Reality, Mixip doesn't involve any PETA-related incidents where you harm monkeys. Instead, it involves spaceships that aren't shaped like the ones you would normally see in those 1950s B movies.

By controlling one ship per Playstation Move controller, you can veer and attack opposing ships simultaneously, thereby reducing mankind's chances of ever projecting themselves as a peace-loving race.

Oh, two ships isn't enough firepower for you to destroy diplomatic relations?

Well, how about one big one that has double the attack power and endurance? By merging both ships together with the controllers, gamers can gain control of a stronger ship with vastly upgraded capabilities that can take down more foes and bosses.

There isn't a release date yet for Mixip, but seeing as though you get to control two ships that can mighty morph into something that could rival a Millennium Falcon, I sure hope this comes out soon.

There you have it, five titles for the upcoming PlayStation VR. With monkey hunting, pixel shooting, pants peeing, and space morphing on the agenda, get ready to experience motion sickness and vertigo all within the confines of your own home!

About the author: Carlos Zotomayor

Zoto can see your underpants. Mmm... tasteful.

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