Origin Access Premier gives you a glimpse of the future

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Games | Jun 10, 2018

Along with the slew of announcements made by EA, is the subscription-based Origin Access Premier. With this service, you have access to EA's back catalog of games and you get to play selected games before their official release dates later this year.

Below is a short list of games EA mentioned you that you can play, when you can play them via Origin Access Premier and when the official launch date is.

Madden NFL 19: Aug 2. Launch Aug 10.

FIFA 19: Sept. 19. Launch Sept. 28.

Battlefield 5: Oct 11. Launch Oct. 19

Anthem: Feb 15, 2019. Launch Feb 22, 2019. 

It's not clear if EA will continue this feature in future titles, or this is a mere public stunt to milk as much money from players as possible. Through the Origin Access Premier you will also get access to The Vault, a collection of over 100 EA games, plus, a 10% discount purchase through - drums roll - Origin! Of course.

Origin Access Premier will cost $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. If you do the math, monthly subscription in a year will yield $180.

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