Over 20 Marvel movies and Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man 2" is still the best

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Features | Sep 20, 2018

Best Superhero film MCU Spider-Man 2

Over 20 Marvel superhero movies, Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 2" remains to be the best of them all.

Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe offers a friendlier environment with funny takes and intense CGI fights. But "Spider-Man 2" however had a strong, internal conflict that made the film more than just a blockbuster. The bulk of the film explored a world without Spider-Man and one where Parker was allowed to live a normal life. 

While the MCU movies, like the Avengers, took out threats in the cosmic scale, Spider-Man is a much more relatable character. He's someone who needs to find work, pay rent, finish homework, while scouring the streets for bad guys. We see him queue to see a doctor, celebrate birthdays, and experience a broad spectrum of loss. He sometimes has to let the bad guys go to ensure innocent civilians are safe. 

"Spider-Man 2" had also displayed one of the most heroic acts in superhero history, the epic train scene. The aftermath proved equally epic with normal, regular people stood up for Spider-Man. It's a film that showed anyone can be a hero and all it takes is to make the right choice. Even the film's antagonist, Doc Ock had his own heroic moment. 

Any doubt in Parker was washed away after he stopped the train from crashing into the ocean, when the passengers hauled him to safety. Here, Parker saw the faces he saved, including children, and realized that everything he'd been doing was worth it. 

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