Overwatch introduces its new tank hero, Orisa

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Mar 6, 2017

Blizzard Efi Oladele Orisa Overwatch

Whereas most first person shooters feature generic army soldier dudes, Overwatch is a title that pits a scientific gorilla against a robotic space cowboy. The game has won numerous awards since its release and even with its impressive but broken roster, the developers up at Blizzard Entertainment are still introducing curveball characters that are as weird as a hacker who was the offspring of a Mexican and a neon purple glow stick.

Their upcoming 24th playable character, Orisa, seeks to fulfill a tank role that was once solely taken by Reinhardt, an overly-happy warrior whose barrier was as wide as a politician's ego during election season. While heroes such as D.Va and Winston fall under the tank class, they proved about as useful in carrying the team as Wolverine tried to carry the X-Men throughout all those horrible movies.

Created and modified by Efi Oladele, a child prodigy from Numbani, Orisa sets herself from her now defunct product line with a variety of new weapons and a personality that is as caring as your grandmother's during Christmas season.

Let's take a look at her skill set, with the move names subject to change before her official release:

Fusion Driver

While Reinhardt's primary attacks have about as much range as Taylor Swift's voice, Orisa's main weapon has a large clip and can continuously fire at those annoying Tracer players and boasts a range that exceeds Zarya's particle cannon.

To add insult to injury, Orisa's secondary fire is pretty much a bite-sized version of Zarya's ultimate move, Graviton Surge. By activating Pulse, Orisa can pull in enemies from around corners and into a lovely spray of oncoming machine gun fire.


Sick of being pushed around by Junkrat bombs? Then give Fortify a try!

Unlike before, where the most you could do after seeing an unavoidable attack was to brace yourself and pray to 15 different gods, Fortify allows Orisa to toughen up her defenses and protect her from crowd-controlling abilities such as those used by Pharah, Zarya, or even an opposing Orisa!

Protective Barrier

Cradle your team like an overprotective mother with Orisa's throwable shield. About half the size of Winston's barrier, this portable piece of equipment can protect Orisa's allies as well as herself from gunfire and harmful UV rays but can be destroyed by enemies who would love to see the barrier's inhabitants dead.


Now you may be wondering what a motherly tank's ultimate move could be.

Is it a grenade launcher that shoots homemade cookies at her foes, killing them with diabetes? Could it be an angry buff like Winston's, wherein she gets unbelievably cross and tells opponents to go clean their rooms?

Nope. Apparently Orisa's charged up move allows her to deploy a drum-like item that cheers on all teammates within its line of sight and increases their damage. Just like her protective barrier, this supercharger can be destroyed by the opposing team, making it a priority for allies to protect it with their soft bodies.

Orisa is currently available to play on the PTR version of Overwatch, with a release sometime between soon and when the newest batch of cookies will be ready.

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