Overwatch's Doomfist is a highly mobile hero that makes others obsolete

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jul 9, 2017

Blizzard Doomfist Overwatch

When Overwatch came out last year, I was highly disappointed with the lack of fisting characters. Even though Reinhardt allowed you to get up in the grills of enemies with a giant hammer, he still couldn't compare to the je ne sais quoi of punching your opponents to add marks to their already ugly faces.

And here comes Doomfist, eager to bust a hand-sized hole into Hanzo mains. The 25th character in Blizzard's ever-increasing roster of human-sized freaks, Doomfist has been a shadowy figure ever since the game was announced.

Who do you think owns that giant gauntlet in that first cinematic trailer? It sure as hell isn't Tracer.

The third wielder of the fist of doom, Akande Ogundimu was once a wealthy businessman with a hunger for competitive martial arts. That was before the Omnic Crisis resulted in the loss of his right arm. Even with the prosthesis made by his company, Akande could no longer make hand puppets or compete in fighting tournaments due to his enhanced appendage.

That is, until Akinjide Adeyemi, the second Doomfist, hired him as a mercenary for Talon Company. Without the need for trivialities like rules, Akande found a battleground on which to unleash his fighting potential, going so far as to murder the second Doomfist for his gauntlet. Now with a shiny new glove, Akande takes on the role of one of the leaders of the world's worst organization since the Nazis.

But where has he been all this time?

Jail. After being thwarted by a fully-healed Genji, Tracer, and a Winston that had to use his ultimate ability, the third Doomfist spent years in prison punching his way out. And after countless banging on a wall, he's finally free.

So how does he play like?

He's really, really fast. While players complained about Orisa being as mobile as the payload, Doomfist's abilities allow him to jump in and finish the fight without so much as a gun.

But let's get that gun out of the way. His primary weapon, the Hand Cannon, comes equipped with four shots that replenish over time. Primarily used when your abilities are on cooldown, the Hand Cannon does 66 damage per shot (with 11 damage per pellet) and serves as a good way to announce your presence to the opposing party before fisting them with your golden gauntlet.

Which brings us to his namesake. The Doomfist is a highly versatile piece of equipment that grants its user a temporary shield every time it hits an opponent with one of its four abilities. This passive buff, titled The Best Defense, stacks an extra +30 shields for each successful blow up to a maximum of 150, capping Doomfist's health at 400. The shields start to decay after a certain amount of time, so it's in your best interest to keep punching people while their friends are filling you full of arrows and shuriken.

Offensively, you'll be dishing out the majority of your damage with Rocket Punch, Doomfist's alternate fire. A chargeable ability that lets you dash straight through Reinhardt shields, Rocket Punch can deal 49-100 damage (based on how long you charge it) with additional pain to your enemies if they manage to hit a wall. Think of it like Genji's Swift Strike, albeit with a shorter cooldown of four seconds and less chance of you getting caught with your pants down when the enemy tank isn't dead yet.

After jumping into the fray, you can follow up with either of his remaining normal abilities, Seismic Slam or Rising Uppercut - both of which sound like combat moves you shout in a fighting game.

Seismic Slam plays like a mix of McCree's Flashbang and Reinhardt's ultimate, Earthshatter. Depending on the length of your initial jump, Seismic Slam allows you to leap forward and stun enemies in front of you, pulling them in for a beat down while dishing out 10-125 damage. While this is best used to start off your combo, it can also be used as a replacement for Rocket Punch in case you need the latter ability to make a quick getaway. It comes with a seven second cooldown, so you can't spam it as often as Rocket Punch or Dhalsim's low kick (which you keep abusing in Street Fighter V).

Rising Uppercut
, on the other hand (heh, fist joke), lifts both you and your opponents into the air, dealing 50 damage and making them wish the game had a sprint button. It also grants Doomfist access to areas not every hero can reach, allowing him to hunt down sneaky Bastions or Junkrats looking for quick kills.

Lastly, we have Meteor Strike, Doomfist's ultimate ability. Unlike other ultimates that need proper timing and planning, Doomfist jumps into the air, out of harm's way, and paints a pretty wide circular target on the ground. The circle can be moved around for four seconds before the Nigerian suddenly drops back down to planet Earth, defying the laws of gravity and dealing up to 300 damage based on the location of the enemy. The closer they are to the center, the harder Isaac Newton will punish them.

As of now, Doomfist looks like he might outclass more mobile heroes like Genji in terms of survivability. With that 400 health cap and his fast-recharging abilities, this guy who isn't voiced by Terry Crews is a more straightforward character to play than complicated picks like Sombra. Though his cooldowns and damage aren't set in stone yet, Doomfist might just be one of the stronger offensive heroes who don't need to ask for healing all the time.

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