Play and win a Razer phone on Arena of Valor’s 317 Day [UPDATE]

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Mar 6, 2018

AOV 317 Arena of Valor Garena Razer

Garena is inviting all Arena of Valor players from the Valiant server (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines) to join and celebrate Arena of Valor 317 Day this March 17. The event will be held to honor Garena's first mobile MOBA game.

AOV 317 Day will feature various in-game activities which give people the chance to win prizes such as pre-paid cards and mobile phones. There will also be a lucky draw for 317 prizes from brands like Razer, Armaggeddon and MobileGrip. The grand prize is a Razer phone which can be won through in-game drops, lucky draws as well as online competitions.

To register for the lucky draw, you can visit Garena's website.

UPDATE - 03/27/18 8:53 AM

The lucky draw will be livestreamed on March 19.

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