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Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Mar 14, 2017 Splitmedia Splitmedia Labs Xsplit

For those of you who still think playing video games is a viable career choice, then good for you!

Despite the fact that the market for gaming videos is oversaturated and helmed by a screaming neo-Nazi, there are still countless people who join the industry in hopes that they will strike it big by sitting in front of a camera and playing horror games until their lungs give out.

But in all honesty, making videos is harder than getting your older brother to admit he watches My Little Pony. While playing video games is all well and good, editing the footage after a gameplay session is the more time-consuming part that viewers rarely get to see.

Even after syncing the audio, adding image and sound effects, and making sure that your voice doesn't sound like a twelve-year-old stepping on a Lego block, there is no guarantee that you will be discovered at all.

That's where the desktop app can help.

Created by Splitmedia Labs, the makers of the live streaming and recording software Xsplit, aims to help content creators make high-quality videos for people who actually want to watch them (and not just the countless trolls who fill up the comments section).

Let's take a look at the many features of the app...


With a simple interface and a wide variety of features, videos that usually take three hours to edit can be shortened to a mere two hours. That may not seem like much, but for those of us who would like to play video games rather than watch them, that extra hour means a lot.

It doesn't just work with editing videos, either. lets you adjust the look of your live streams, giving you the option to make your face camera as small as possible in case you forgot to clean up your bedroom (which you never do).

After adjusting everything just the way you want it, you can then manage your various platforms (be they Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Hitbox, or Beam) and make your videos available to your viewers.


Everyone knows Pewdiepie, but there are a lot more streamers and content creators out there with videos that don't offend every person on the planet. A lot of them are really good, too! allows you to get out of your comfort zone and look through over 50,000 game pages made by a variety of different people. Whether it's a triple A game everyone already knows or an indie title with a hero composed of four dirt-like pixels, every game has a fan who thinks it is the best thing since strawberry ice cream.

These gamers will help you branch out from the norm and let you join groups, chat rooms, and other streams which feature games that you are interested in, making you an official video game hipster.


You can make the best 360 no scope video in the world but if no one is there to watch it, it may as well be a clip of you cleaning out your cat's litter box.

The app lets you connect to various social sites like Steam, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter so that your followers will know when you are streaming or when a new video is up. This can help turn your fan base from a lowly number of 10 to a mob of supporters that will allow you to quit your day job and play games for a living.

To top it off, you can even connect with your audience mid-stream with the built-in management tools, letting you weed out those horrible trolls that like to point out that they were the first people to watch your video.

For those who think they have what it takes to become the next big internet celebrity (or if you just want to watch new videos of Genital Jousting ), you can sign up at the official website and request access to the beta. 

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