Pokemon Sun and Moon: Aloha from Alola!

Written by: Mark Duque

Games | Jun 8, 2016

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The Pokemon company has decided to quench our thirst for more Sun and Moon news with their latest trailer. And though this trailer has given us plenty enough to leave for the imagination, we're still left curious on how it'll turn out when release day comes.

The trailer introduces us to the new region of Alola, the Pokemon world's version of Hawaii. And just like how they did it in their France-esque Kalos, it draws heavy influences from its source material. The main relief about this region is that it's not a Hoenn region 2.0 as everyone speculated. Alola has its own distinct exotic feel that no other Pokemon game has captured regionwide. And based on the trailer shown to us, we get to explore four huge islands, which makes us believe the HM -- Swim, will be far more essential than previous generations. According to Alola resident professor, Kukuri, the region is made up of several islands, which should lead us to believe there will be more landmasses scattered in between the islands to explore.

The trailer also introduces a new set of legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala who are the namesake of this new generation.

Solgaleo is a Psychic and a Steel type Pokemon, with the Ability, Full Metal Body, which protects the legendary from other stat-lowering Abilities such as Intimidate. While the alien-bat-like legendary, Lunala, has been labeled as a Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon, making it the second legendary in Pokemon history to have a ghost-type attribute. Lunala's Ability is called Shadow Shield and the trailer did not tell us anything about it, other than give us a hint that it obviously protects Lunala from an attack or status ailment.

Both Solgaleo and Lunala have their own signature attacks with their corresponding exclusive attack animations. It's too soon to tell if other legendaries from previous entries will have their own signature attacks and animation for a more flavorful take.

The devourer of suns and caller of moons are interesting concepts by themselves, but will their story live up to the lore? I guess we'll just have to wait for the game to find out.

The Pokemon Company now has allowed more customization for your character. This time, while selecting between your male or female trainer, you will also get to choose up to four different skin tones and hair colors. It doesn't seem like you can mix the combination between skin tone and hair color, and it seems you can't switch hairstyles either. So, we hope to see a saloon later in the game that will allow better personalization between the trainer and you, the player. If there is no other form of customization, then hey, this is a start. And besides, we're all geared up for EV and IV trainings, that's what really matters. Right?

We're also introduced some cast of characters, such as Lillie, Kukuri's "mysterious assistant" and Hau, a "new friend from Alola." We're not expecting much out of a story from a Pokemon game. But the previous generation's X and Y wasn't too bad, and we can see the Pokemon Company taking baby steps in adding thin layers of depth to keep the story interesting.

Sun and Moon runs on the same, if not slightly improved, game engine as Pokemon X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so if the graphic style of this generation isn't your thing then don't expect much from the incoming Pokemon. But if this 3D style is your cup of tea, you'll have plenty to ogle at since the art style of this new iteration is so exotic that it doesn't feel like an X and Y with some new assets.

Nintendo has announced that more details will be revealed on E3 next week.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release on November 18, 2016 so ready your wallets and say goodbye to your social life.

You can check out the trailer here.

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