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Games | Jun 1, 2018

Now you can try out what it's like to get into the dark arts with Weather Factory's Cultist Simulator. The game was spearheaded by Alexis Kennedy, best known for the founding of Failbetter Games, developer of the Lovecraftian Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies, and the world of Fallen London.

You can get Cultist Simulator from Steam at P499.95. Since it's been recently released, there's a 10% discount that entitles everyone who gets it early free access to all future DLCs. 

Cultist Simulator is a narrative card game, rooted in occult arts, hidden gods and secret histories. Its 1920s-themed, Lovecraftian setting is evocatively conveyed through the kind of rich language that fans of Kennedy's previous games will be familiar with. The game's objective is clear: found a cult, recruit followers, and forge your own history - but how each player reaches their goal will differ wildly, due to the game's roguelike structure.

The player progresses their story by sliding an ever-expanding collection of cards - often representing shady actions and mysterious items - into action slots linked to dreams, studying, conversation and more. Believers will be manipulated, and authorities evaded, before death inevitably strikes the player down - but it's what the next life takes from the last, its research and resources, that will determine the course of each playthrough, with multiple ('good' and very bad) endings available.

The debut game from Kennedy's new studio Weather Factory, which he founded alongside fellow former Failbetter Games developer Lottie Bevan in 2017, Cultist Simulator was originally funded on Kickstarter, achieving its target of £30,007 in 12 hours and raising a total of over £82,000 by the end of its campaign. More recently, it won in the Best Game Design category at the 2018 Emotional Game Awards, and is shortlisted for Boston FIG's Innovation in Art and Narrative. 

Currently, Kennedy is working as a freelance writer with BioWare for story development of Dragon Age 4.

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