Prepare to Play as a Post-Apocalyptic Vampire in 'Code Vein'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | May 3, 2017

Bandai Namco Code Vein God Eater

If there's one thing I hate as much as clowns, it's vampires.

Not those sparkly-skinned, pale teenagers that the Twilight saga has devolved the species into (that's a different kind of hate), but the classic ones that would bite your neck if you didn't have a garlic-rich dinner. No matter their portrayal, these nocturnal monsters always had a knack for keeping out of the sunlight while putting the Red Cross out of business.

It's already weird when a video game puts you in the shoes of one of these fanged freaks, but it's even weirder when the developers incorporate a post-apocalyptic setting where vampires aren't the cause of the calamity.

Code Vein
, an upcoming action RPG by the guys at Bandai Namco behind God Eater, looks like it will try to make the mythical creatures more accessible to sanguivoriphobics like myself by replacing the dark, gloomy aesthetic commonly associated with vampires with something more... anime-like.

Following a mysterious event that leaves the planet in ruins, the remaining sane inhabitants (called Revenants) have made a dark pact that allows them to survive the said disaster and gain mechanical vampire powers of their own because Japan.

In exchange for saving their sorry hides and abilities that grant them gigantic metal tails, the Revenants are cursed with amnesia and an insatiable thirst for that red substance inside all living organisms. To this end, they operate out of Vein, a city of sorts that houses Revenants and keeps them safe.

But what would a vampire need safety from?

Well, things like this Spawn look-alike...

... this scantily-clad version of Japanese VOCALOID Hatsune Miku...

... and this mechanical moose (complete with antlers) are just some of the horrors located outside the city walls of Vein.

Called the Lost, these bright-eyed, heavily-armored enemies are those who have given themselves completely to drinking blood and killing anything with an ounce of it inside them (i.e. you).

With no love lost between the two races and a hemoglobin count to maintain, it becomes a convenient decision for the Revenants to kill the Lost and satiate their bloodlust, which in turn makes their mechanical Blood veils stronger. This allows them to upgrade your various abilities such as health, weapons, and quite possibly built up an immunity to garlic.

Based on the early gameplay trailer, it looks like Code Vein will take on a more Dark Souls-like approach to combat, albeit with a bigger focus on blood. And though it may have gone over Bandai Namco's head that Bloodborne is already a thing that they helped create, this new IP looks to be a unique take on this age-old folklore of undead beings.

Sharpen your wooden stakes and bust out the holy water when the game comes out next year.

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