Pre-registration for mobile strategy MMO 'Crystal of Re:union' launches

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Sep 13, 2017

Crystal of Reunion Gumi Orange Cube

Last month, Gumi Inc. revealed that the English version of mobile MMO Crystal of Re:union will release sometime this year. To keep the hype going, pre-registration for the game is now open. Interested players can sign up at Crystal of Re:union's official website.

There are quite a couple of activities waiting for those who register early.

First, there is a milestone campaign which encourages players to spread the word about the game so that they can get in-game rewards. The more registrants there are, the bigger the prizes. Once certain milestones are reached, all players will receive the following gifts at the game's launch:

  • 2k Registrants: 500 Gold
  • 5k Registrants: 1,500 Gold and 10k Aura Restoration x 20
  • 10k Registrants: 2,000 Gold and Speed Up (30 mins) x 10
  • 20k Registrants: 2,500 Gold and 1h ATK vs Monster 50% UP x 5
  • 30k Registrants: 3,500 Gold, 10k Aura Restoration x 30, Speed Up (30 mins) x 30,
  • Legendary Sword Balmung x 1

They will also be treated to a preview of the game via the "Quest of Mythril" mini-game. Here, players control Claudia, the blue-haired lady on the game's key art and one of Crystal of Re:union's Legendary Heroes. You can enjoy slaying monsters and collecting items until you reach level 10.

Aside from Claudia, players will also have a chance to get familiar with the other Legendary Heroes. You can put a vote to a certain character you like, with the card of the hero with the most votes being made available to players upon the game's release.

Crystal of a Re:union is a mobile strategy MMO that lets you build and manage your kingdom in Midgard. No release date has been disclosed yet but it will be available for download on iOS and Android devices soon.

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