Radeon FreeSync technology comes to Samsung QLED TVs

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Jun 11, 2018

AMD FreeSync Radeon Samsung Samsung QLED TV

The ultrawide 4K gaming experience can now be brought to the big screen as Samsung shows support for Radeon FreeSync technology through its 55" to 82" QLED TVs. The displays allow for high refresh rates and low latency while gaming, which in turn give players a next level entertainment experience.

This is not the first time FreeSync has explored other platforms aside from PC. Earlier this year, AMD introduced its FreeSync technology in Microsoft Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Overall, it can be found in more than 250 displays offered by more than 20 partners.

"From the beginning, Samsung has embraced Radeon FreeSync technology and the commitment from AMD to deliver technologies based on open standards that enhance the gaming experience," said Chu Jongsuk, senior vice president at Samsung. "Our users demand the absolute best in visual quality, and that extends to smooth gaming low latency. We're thrilled to bring the power of Radeon FreeSync technology to Samsung TVs for players around the world."

"AMD and Microsoft have a long history of innovation, collaborating on hardware and software to bring gamers the best possible experiences," said Matthew Lapsen, general manager, Xbox Console Marketing. "With FreeSync technology support for our Xbox One platform, AMD and Microsoft brought a critical gaming technology to a broader base of gamers. We're offering a whole new caliber of smooth-looking gameplay to players on Xbox One S and Xbox One X."

Samsung's 2018 QLED TV range with FreeSync is now available for th 55" to 82" models and the NU8000 / NU8500 55" to 82" series.

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