Ragnarok Online launches closed beta this June; more details revealed

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Games | May 13, 2017

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Electronics Extreme and Elite Global Sourcing, the respective regional and local publishers of Ragnarok Online, held a press conference yesterday which shed some light on their game's local rebirth.

This return comes with a myriad of changes. Instead of the many servers we grew up with, the local Ragnarok Online will be relaunching in closed beta with main servers Thor and Loki. Moreover, the game will now be free-to-play and free-to-win (meaning you can beat the game without paying a single cent). Though gamers with fat wallets can spend on in-game bonuses, the advantages they have over less-fortunate members of the community are very small.

It seems like the publishers intend to take us back 14 years ago, when every player enjoyed the same standards. The new servers will start with 2-1 classes, a revo-classic episode where "joy and balance meet," and original spawn points for all the monsters. Players may also be able to purchase and sell stuff at the Item Mall. All of these nostalgic events will take place in a Rune Midgard where classic locations (such as a pre-destroyed Morroc) will welcome players old and new with open gates.

But if you think that old issues such as bots are still prevalent, then here's some good news: the team has partnered with EasyAntiCheat to ensure that slackers cannot exploit the game to their advantage. This, coupled with the removal of the ability for game masters to have access to the system, will hopefully address the issue of overpowered combatants.

Lastly, the closed beta will launch in the middle of June with free signups at Ragnarok Online's Philippine website. There are no details yet on when the public launch will be, but the publishers shared that it will push through once they are sure that the game is 'perfect'.

So if you're still on the fence about the country's oldest, most memorable social game, then Ragnarok Online is set to remove any doubts you have.

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