'Ragnarok Online' starts its Open Beta this June 29 at 3 PM

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jun 29, 2017

OBT Open Beta PRO Ragnarok Online

Remember that time we talked about Ragnarok Online coming back to the Philippines? You know, that ridiculously popular MMORPG that introduced 90s children to fan service?

After months since the initial announcement and a successful closed beta that allowed developers to test changes such as the Class 2-1 job updates and their new "free-to-play/free-to-win" philosophy, the world of Rune Midgard will now be available to players countrywide this June 29 at 3PM.

To add incentive to players who have the spare time to play a massive online RPG, numerous maps as well as an item mall will be unlocked for beta testers. There are even Class 2-2 updates that go live six months after the initial open beta test and High Class 1-2 jobs that are planned within one to two years from today.

There aren't any details about up to when this beta will be available, so those who want to get a head start before everyone else should log on to Ragnarok Online's local website and learn where every valuable material can be located.

For more details on the open beta as well as the updates that will take place, you can check Ragnarok Online on Facebook and Twitter.

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