Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case: Review

Written by: Karen Benitez

Tech | Nov 2, 2016

Apple Ipad Pro keyboard Razer Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case review

The iPad Pro is without a doubt a high-octane device ready to take on the professional workspace. It aims to be THE laptop substitute, only a hell lot more expensive. In my eyes, the iPad Pro is just a bigger tablet that can break in half any time I slip it into a bag.

There are two important aspects that make this Pro tab feel like a pro: that's the ridiculously impressive Apple Pencil, and the ridiculously unimpressive Smart Keyboard.

I've always considered the Smart Keyboard as something of a love-hate relationship. Others have commented on how comfortable it is. I, on the other hand, find it hard to type with. The false clicks it makes when you push those buttons are only sounds produced from the speakers, an illusion of satisfaction. We don't want that.

And so we dive into Razer's Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro; because Razer knows that this a market in sore need of well-designed keyboards.

The Mechanical Keyboard Case is what Razer themselves boast as the first for mobile devices. Yet when I played with it, the exact feel isn't the same as when I used one of their own Blackwidow keyboards.

Maybe I'm setting the standards a little too high. If I become less critical about this, the effect I feel with this keyboard is close enough. Nonetheless, this keyboard is infinitely better than Apple's Smart Keyboard. All the elements you need are there: space between the keys, depth when pressing them, and the satisfying mechanical clicks. 

It's something you can work on and type furiously away at with higher accuracy at less of a learning curve. The keyboard itself lights up and that should give you all the bling you need in showing the goods.

I just have two concerns.

One is the kickstand. Don't get me wrong, it's very sturdy and can hold the entire weight of the tablet in place without being wobbly. The problem lies in its stiffness when folding it back. The stand doesn't entirely close and takes several frustrating attempts to get the kickstand to relax in the position you need it to be.

The second concern is that arming the iPad Pro with this keyboard gives it a hefty bulk. Turn it to one side and you've got something that looks more like a laptop. In this case, it seems to be more fitting to equip yourself with an ultrabook or MacBook Air instead.

If you're stuck with an iPad Pro and have no other alternatives to type with, then the Razer Mechanical Keyboard case is the solution. In spite of a hot price tag, it is considerably cheaper than purchasing a new laptop and gives the proper feel when typing on a keyboard without any synthetic audio effects.

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