Rockstar is screwing with us.

They released an image about a new Red Dead title and then a few days later, in what we hoped was a trailer that would shed some light on the game, it turned out be just a tease. All they've really done with their recently released trailer is confirm that the new game will launch next year.

You can do better than that, Rockstar! With a gaping hole left until the end of next year, I've decided to put down a wishlist for Red Dead Redemption 2.


One of the massive successes of Grand Theft Auto V was letting you mess around with three characters that you could fully customize with different apparels and haircuts. Now, it appears the Red Dead sequel is showing us seven characters, which I can only guess means having seven different playable characters.

So far, there is no sign of a playable female character, and we've all seen how Rockstar can create a compelling woman through Red Dead Redemption's Bonnie MacFarlane. I hope to see more and have a playable one at least, considering the Wild West is teeming with tough female gunslingers.


Of all the Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had the best customization. It allowed you to modify hairstyles, beards, fashion, and how your character performed based on their overall fitness level. If CJ is Obese, you would experience random heart attacks that can happen in the worst possible time.

I don't think such things will be implemented here, but I do hope we get to style up our characters a little for a few visual refreshes.


The trailer shows characters rowing on a canoe. That means we can go canoeing right? I better be able to.


To compare Grand Theft Auto to Red Dead Redemption is to compare apples to oranges, right? GTA has always been about stupid fun while Red Dead Redemption is an intense, emotional stagecoach, with a few chuckles here and there.

Still, there are many elements in GTA that I'd love to see in the Red Dead Redemption sequel. Try including more fun things to do instead of just adding stuff that become boring after a while. Red Dead Redemption's hunting and skinning mechanic was tedious; having to kill rattlesnakes with dynamite as an unlock requirement is dull and not fun. I want to manage businesses (legal or otherwise), watch more varied stage plays, and become a damn sheriff or something.


GTA allowed you to do a lot of bad things and get away with it; Red Dead Redemption didn't. It showed that the more of an outlaw you are, the more it affects how the world reacts to you.

However, John Marston is a damn good guy. He's modest, treats women right, and only ever wanted to be reunited with his wife and son. He's your best friend in this long-ass journey and is such a good guy that you wouldn't to play as him by going out in the street and randomly shooting people.

With the possibility of controlling seven characters, maybe we can expect more now and go wild with at least one of them?


There is a leak somewhere online that shows the map of Red Dead Redemption 2. It's huge. A bit bigger than the first game's map. My only hope is that there would be more interesting places to discover.

Oh, don't get me wrong, Red Dead Redemption's map has a rich, beautiful landscape. I just want more exploration and the opportunity to find lots more goodies.


Train robberies are always fun to watch in Western films. So to actually get to participate in one, well, wouldn't that be dandy?

Also, while we're at it, can it the players this time who can call for help and ambush passing stagecoaches?


This will happen no matter what. GTA V proved that Rockstar can create an awesome online experience, and this will carry over to Red Dead Redemption 2. I can't wait to have gun duels and Mexican standoffs with the crazy people I'll meet online.


Yes please.

About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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