Renovatio bags Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship SEA Regionals

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Esports | May 27, 2016

Blizzard Entertainment esport Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship

The Philippine team, Renovatio, brought pride to the nation as they bagged the Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship Southeast Asia Regionals title last May 22nd. Going against the region's top teams, not only did they win the region's coveted crown, but they also get a shot at redemption. They will face the best in the world at the Heroes Global Circuit Summer Championship in DreamHack Summer this June 18th to 20th in Jonkoping, Sweden.

It was a battle of champions as Renovatio - the Spring SEA champs - met Relics - the 2015 Road to BlizzCon champs - in a stellar grand finals match for the Summer Championship SEA crown. Early in the Group Stage, Renovatio already lost to Relics which left them fighting to hang on in the losers bracket. The team clawed their way to the grand finals for a rematch beating out Spring season rivals, Resurgence, and top teams from Malaysia - Sabun Gaming, and Thailand - Greedisgood9999+.

The two had the audience at the edge of their seats as the wins kept going back and forth. Relics had the upper hand in the finals with a twice to beat advantage. They secured the first match in the best of three series putting pressure on the Philippine team. Renovatio, however, came back stronger in the second match with JumpyLion on the Illidan leading the hits and catching Relics not prepared.

JumpyLion's Illidan takes out Mirr's Lt. Morales and deals damage to Relics

In the third match, a decisive ban on Relics' favorite combo of Tassadar and Lt. Morales may have put the odds in Renovatio's favor. On point with his E.T.C., HarHarrr nearly gets picked off by Zeys' Zeratul but a critical save from Stronger's Rehgar turns the tides and secures the first set of best of three's.

It was do-or-die time going in to the pivotal last set. With the levels even throughout, Renovatio took game 1 by winning over Relics in the clashes. However, Relics proved their strength using a Tassadar-Lt. Morales combo sealing a game 2 victory.

Relics barrels through to Renovatio's core taking Game 2

Renovatio surprised fans with their game 3 draft by picking up Anub'arak as their solo warrior. Against Relics' strong front with Tyrael and Sonya, it seems Renovatio was at a disadvantage. However, HarHarrr's Anub'arak plays silenced critics and they took the game with a 4-man sweep towards the end of the match leaving only Mirr's Lt. Morales to defend the core. GGWP, Renovatio!

HarHarrr completes the 4-man sweep by taking out bUnBun's Tyrael

Philippines will once again represent Southeast Asia in the global stage of DreamHack Summer for the Summer Global Championships. Only time will tell if Renovatio will taste redemption at Sweden. What's for sure is the whole nation and region is right behind the champion. Good luck, Renovatio!

"Salamat sa lahat ng sumuporta sa amin lalo na sa Renovatio at T9 community!" - cZz, Team Manager

(Thank you to everyone who supported us especially at Renovatio and the T9 Community.)

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