Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour: Review

Written by: Karen Benitez

Games | Jun 29, 2016

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Ah, now we can actually talk about something good. I've downloaded the demo a few days ago after it was announced at E3. I'm a huge horror fan but time seems to have corroded my once ballz of steel. So it took me a while to muster up the courage to play this game.

The shift to a first-person perspective is quite daunting at first. I'm used to playing RE in a voyeuristic fashion - cameras set up in certain angles, watching this huge chunk of muscle or this crazy hot red running around the streets of a dilapidated cityscape overrun by dead things. Of course that changed in RE4 upwards but still provided a pretty decent shift.

But RE7 was a complete overhaul. The first-person perspective gives you a more intimate feel, immersing yourself deep into a horror game in a style that hasn't been done in recent years. The eerie silence moving around the decaying house, with distant sounds that lets you know you're not alone. You know there is something else in here with you. Footsteps from above the ceiling, the rolling cans telling you that something just moved there, all of it taunts you for one big jump scare.

The game eerily plays a lot like Silent Hills aka P.T. and Allison Road-both had been canceled. P.T. because of a shit storm between Kojima and Konami. Allison Road, because, I believe, after ripping off P.T., they have no fucking idea what to do with it, or how it was supposed to be played. Best to let it die, seriously, it's a brilliant move that will keep people talking about it. There is more than one way to complete the demo and that is more than enough to generate an infinite amount of content online, whether YouTube videos or written articles like this one, to hype up the game for free.

The big difference between RE7 and P.T. is that Capcom is promising new things for the actual game. New, meaning things that weren't in the demo but don't necessarily mean new in the franchise. This could mean combat, like guns, herb-mixing, and shit. In previous main RE games, once you got a rocket launcher, you know you can take on every single thing that comes in your way. Capcom promised-I am paraphrasing-that RE7 will deliver more helplessness scenarios.

From what I can tell about the demo is that RE is taking a dive into another horror genre. Hillbilly horror. Have you watched movies like The Hills have Eyes or Wrong Turn? Stuff like that looks like RE's new direction. It also makes sense to instill "biohazard" as a subtitle, considering hillbilly horrors almost always features hillbillies exposed to biohazard chemicals, turning them into violent and sexually aggressive mutants.

It would make a lot of sense too if the Japanese version had "Resident Evil" as its subtitle, considering that the big-ass house is full of nasties. But hey, don't just take my word for it, if you're curious about Umbrella Corps and still want to make fun of it, go ahead. But I'd rather recommend you waste your time on the RE7 demo. Or better, just replay the first three RE games. Those were the golden years of the franchise. 

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