Retro up with the return of survival-horror with Daymare 1998

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Dec 19, 2016

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The survival-horror genre has been replaced by survival-action, as most evidenced by Resident Evil 4, which was a massive departure from the series' first three games. While most of the elements such as limited inventories and locked doors were still there, much of the scare factor was diminished, giving room to more action-oriented gameplay.

It was still scary at times but you felt less restricted, thanks to stupid quick time events that had Leon delivering roundhouse kicks that would make the late Patrick Swayze proud. It wouldn't be until 2014 where we got another taste of survival-horror with The Evil Within, but even that game turned into an action-packed fiasco in its latter half.

Most horror games these days are all about intensity, pressure, and trying to get away from something. A prime example is Outlast, and the countless corridor horrors full of jump scares. P.T. is another example which felt less scary, mainly due to the fact that you were already expecting something at the next turn.

It's getting old. Sometimes I feel that survival-horror has been left behind and needs to come back and remind us why it was awesome in the first place. Game company Invader Studios looks to deliver this through Daymare 1998, a title that is reminiscent of survival-horror games that many of us loved such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and even Alone in the Dark.

It's a silly title, to be honest, but the "gameplay demo" Invader Studios has recently put up screams survival-horror. It's an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter that strongly echoes
Resident Evil 2.

Take note that this is alpha footage of a game that is yet to be released. I doubt that this is even actual gameplay. It seems more like a cleverly-done animation. Either way, the video promises a lot of things.

The developer is looking forward to launch their Kickstarter campaign sometime in early 2017. We'll keep you guys updated about it.

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