The mysteries of the ocean are always an interesting topic. You never know what you may find at the bottom. There could be a whole new species of creepy animals lurking in the deepest parts, buried cities waiting to be discovered, or one giant monster biding its time, waiting for its chance to unleash terror on the world. Whatever it is that's down there, it will take only the bravest people to find out. The rest of us are satisfied in our homes, watching everything unfold on the Discovery channel or National Geographic. Because let's face it, most of us poor souls fear the unknown.

The newly released Steam game, Reveal the Deep, capitalizes on this fear.

Reveal the Deep is a product of Steam's Greenlight project, developed by Lazy Monday Games. It's a short exploration game set in the wreck of a 19th century steamship. You explore expansive levels, rendered in pretty pixel art graphics, in order to piece together the story behind the ship and its passengers' demise. There are 3 chapters to complete, with each slowly unraveling the secrets of the deep.

It's a very unnerving gaming experience, one that can be fully enjoyed while wearing your headphones. The unique combination of the ship's creaks, underwater sounds and unknown creature-like noises add to the game's eerie atmospheric vibe. The noises get louder when you enter certain areas, and though there's no one around (yet), the hairs on your skin will still rise.

The lighting effects aren't encouraging either. (They're fantastic though. Kudos to the developer). Your line of vision is limited, aided only by the light on your helmet. Pitch black takes up most of the screen and the shadows dance as you move, which really doesn't make you feel better at all. 

For a simple platformer, Reveal the Deep's story is quite complicated. While exploring, you can interact with objects that give clues to what really happened. Basically, it has something to do with the ship's cargo. I don't want to give away too much. But just know that It gets darker and darker the deeper you go, and along the way, you'll encounter... strange somethings.

The game is not without its issues, of course. The biggest one that I think needs to be addressed immediately is that it doesn't have a save option. This is frustrating, especially since the game crashes sometimes. There was the one time when I kept dying for absolutely no reason. I was already halfway through Chapter 2 at this point. Every time I move, my helmet just breaks. I had no choice but to restart the game and play from the beginning of the Chapter all over again.

Reveal the Deep is still worth your 20+ pesos, though. But I'd say its gaming experience is worth way more. Check it out on Steam.

About the author: Stef Atega

GameGulp's current overlord. Stef is obsessed with cats and anything horror. She also likes shounen anime and Japanese food but refuses to be called a "weeaboo". She believes in the power of indie games.

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