Recently, Rockstar Games (best known for their Grand Theft Auto franchise) updated their social media profiles as well as the loading screen on their website with red and black variations of their logo. 

Consisting of a RED hue that could only be described as "DEAD-looking", the company seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy as the colorist tasked to complete the photos hasn't given them an even coating of paint. Whether they did not have enough money to pay the man or to buy paint, things are looking pretty grim for the New York-based group.

How could a company as big as your belly on a one-pass buffet fall on such hard times? L.A. Noire, Bully, Manhunt, these games meant something to me when I was growing up. Whether it was riding around Los Angeles in 1947, riding through school on a skateboard, or riding up someone's trousers as you garroted them with a plastic bag, Rockstar helped complete my teenage experience without me having to do anything drastically illegal in real life.

But alas, this seems to be the end of an era. And as with all things they do, Rockstar plans to go out with a bang. Unlike Square-Enix, whose fantasies are never really final, Rockstar seems set on bringing back one of their most beloved franchises before calling it quits. And that game is none other than...

... Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis!

No doubt the longest title in the company's game roster, Table Tennis single-handedly revitalized Rockstar as one of the gaming industries' most innovative contenders. The first game to feature the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, the title let players swerve and serve balls into their opponents' faces in the most realistic manner possible without having to shout out grunts like an overzealous gorilla in heat.

Rockstar has heard the cries of their fans and has changed their logos in hopes to tease us on the upcoming sequel to the game. How do I know that it is this short shorts-filled release which will get a final swan song? Well, dear reader, let's take a look.

With a plain red background, Rockstar has emboldened the rage that players had to hide for the past ten years since the first Table Tennis was released. It speaks volumes when, with a simple color, you can see the countless sleepless nights, the cold numbness, and the searing hot tears that flowed down devotees' cheeks as they waited in vain for a messiah that was not coming.

Cut to the image in the middle. That small box which holds the "R" shows us the outline of a table tennis court, a miniature space amidst the vast expanse of red. This serves as a metaphor that, through the deep sea of non-believers, there stood a small band of disciples whose faith never wavered that the greatest game ever made would return. This small nod is for those dedicated fans.

Lastly, we have the "R", which hints at the possible rating the movie based on this video game will receive once it gets released. Featuring a story of a washed up retiree, the film takes aspects from the upcoming game such as different balls and mind-focusing headbands.

With so little given, Rockstar seems to be set on making Table Tennis: Remastered into more than just a game. Apart from the new release and movie, we can see a television series, cheap merchandise, and plans for a Broadway play in the works. Better get ready, because these balls will hit you straight in the face.

That, or the logo could hint at a sequel for a lesser-known game called Red Dead Redemption. How should I know? I'm not psychic.

About the author: Carlos Zotomayor

Zoto can see your underpants. Mmm... tasteful.

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