Run a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in pixel mobile game ‘Peko Peko Sushi’

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Mar 21, 2018

Hanaji Games Peko Peko Sushi

You would think that conveyor belt sushi restaurants are easy to manage given the staff has little to do. All they have to do is place those sushi orders on the belt right?

Peko Peko Sushi by Hanaji Games aims to debunk that notion. In this fast-paced pixel mobile title, players must help Ayame run her sushi restaurant and make it the best in the business!

It functions as a puzzle game wherein you match the type of sushi to the hungry customer. Similar to Diner Dash, you'll have to manage your time and prevent orders from stacking up as much as you can. You can unlock new types of sushi, store parts, and customers as you progress further. There is also a dynamic weather and calendar system that changes each time you play.

If this game doesn't get you hungry for sushi, I don't know what will. Peko Peko Sushi is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store

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