Samsung Galaxy wins the ‘League of Legends’ World Championship

Written by: Renille Ace Manaog

Esports | Nov 5, 2017

League of Legends LOL LOL World Championship Samsung Galaxy SKT

A remarkable rematch happened at the Bird's Nest, Beijing, as League of Legends Champions Korea's (LCK) SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy faced each other in the League of Legends World Championship finals. The Samsung roster, with an additional substitute jungler, met the defending champions SKT for a best of 5 match for the Summoner's Cup. SKT's line up included four of the original roster from last year with the addition of Huni and Peanut.

SKT came in as the underdogs as they limped their way through most of the knockout stage to meet their fellow LCK team. Samsung, on the other hand, looked pretty much invincible with a 3-0 win against Longzhu in the quarterfinals and a 3-1 win against Team WE in the semifinals. 

Samsung played their game with confidence which allowed them to best SKT at some team fights. They won the match 3-0, dropping not even a single game.

Big kudos to the coaching team for preparing well for the match. Ambition's shotcalling was superb. Crown's laning phase was commendable, despite facing the Demon King Faker himself. Cuvee matched Huni blow for blow. The bot duo of Ruler and CoreJJ outclassed the legendary Bang and Wolf. Overall, they truly deserve this title. 

Congratulations, Samsung Galaxy! We'll be looking forward to those legendary skins!

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