Samurai Jack comes back from the past for its fifth and final season

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

TV | Feb 8, 2017

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If you were alive and well in the early 2000s, then you witnessed a lot of cool things. This was a time when video games were synonymous to terrorism, violence was overabundant in our media, and the cartoon industry wasn't just known for elastic dogs and talking lemons.

Case in point: Samurai Jack.

Originally aired from 2001 to 2004, Samurai Jack told the story of a poorly-armored prince whose mission is to destroy the wide-smiling shadow Aku. After training for most of his life, the prince then confronts and nearly defeats the easily-named villain, but not before realizing that his enemy is a sore loser.

Like that kid who turns off the console just as you perform a fatality on his ass, Aku cheats and throws the nameless prince into a portal that takes him to a dystopian future where Aku rules everything. The majority of the four seasons see the prince (who eventually takes on the moniker "Jack") as he tries to make his way back to the past where he can kill Aku before he creates a future that isn't kind to samurai.

The series was known for its minimal dialogue, hand-painted locales, and focus on cinematic action sequences (because you can't have a samurai in your show who doesn't cut things up).

Each episode more or less played the same way, with Jack mimicking E.T. as he looks for a way home and failing to do so. Though it may sound boring, each scenario added an entirely new cast of characters (almost all of whom had more lines than Jack himself), gave them a completely different plot to follow, and placed them in areas that varied from vast jungles to technologically advanced cities.

Samurai Jack lasted four seasons and had a total of 52 episodes but never gave fans the ending that they wished, meaning Jack was forever stuck in the future.

But it seems that we've finally caught up.

Announced back in December of 2015 and with a recently released trailer, Samurai Jack is set to make a final comeback this coming March 11 on Adult Swim. This time, we see Jack 50 years into the future where Aku has destroyed every time portal, preventing him from changing the past.

But instead of becoming an old, senile protagonist, Jack hasn't aged due to his meddling with time travel (something that scriptwriters should never do). Now armored and bearded, we see Jack as he takes on a variety of Aku's lackeys as he tries to find a reason for fighting once again.

Some of his new foes include...

... bugs the size of mini-vans...

... kabuki ladies who look like Miss Universe runner-ups...

... and gremlins who live on a strict diet of facial hair.

Will Jack finally get back to past, as the opening title of the cartoon constantly reminds us? We'll just have to see if he pulls through and makes the cut (that was a sword joke, in case you missed it).

If you have no idea what this article is about, or if you want to catch up on Jack's adventures before March 11, then Adult Swim is streaming all four seasons right now on their website.

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