'Shazam!' trailer is magically electrifying

Written by: GameGulp Staff

Film | Jul 22, 2018

DC SDCC 2018 Shazam!

We finally got a full trailer for Shazam! and it looks really fun. 

After a creepy old man lured little boy Billy Batson into a dark cave, with creepier lines like "Say my name," superhero Shazam is born.

Whenever Billy shouts Shazam! he turns into an adult in red tights that can shoot sparkles from his fingertips. The movie will explore Billy and his new BFF Freddy the powers of Shazam.

The movie is wacky with one-liners here and there. It's exactly what you might imagine a little kid would do if he were to have superpowers, especially one that rivals Superman. 

DC and Warner has plans to produce a movie based on Shazam's arch nemesis, Black Adam. So, that's where all the serious stuff is going to be dumped.

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