Side-scrolling mobile RPG ‘Legends of Astra’ open beta now playable

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Feb 19, 2018

Dream Idea Soft Legends of Astra

Another mobile RPG, this time from Dream Idea Soft, is making its way to the Philippines. Just in case you fancy games where you can collect anime-style units in elaborate outfits and armor, Legends of Astra would be right up your alley. It features all kinds of characters, each with a unique skill. You can also equip them with gear that would actually change their appearances. You can utilize up to four of these stylish characters in battle.

Speaking of combat, Legends of Astra happens to have an auto battle function, a feature that's specifically useful for players who can't keep their eyes on their phones for too long. This function lets you execute combos in battle without having to tap much. As is customary in any RPG, the game requires you to crawl through dungeons, fight monsters, and gain rewards. Of course, there are boss monsters to look forward to as well. 

The game also has an interesting feature where players can actually earn in-game money and claim it as cellphone load. Of course, you can also you use it to purchase in-game items; it depends on which of the two you prioritize.

Legends of Astra's beta is now playable on Android devices. Its official launch date is unknown as of now. For more updates, you can follow the official Legends of Astra Facebook page.

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