List of 'Super Smash Bros Ultimate' DLC characters we want to see

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Features | Dec 17, 2018

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Among the latest announcements in "Smash Bros. Ultimate" is the inclusion of the main protagonist in "Persona 5," Joker, in the most stylish way possible. The character came out of nowhere and was totally an unexpected surprise.

Nintendo tends to bring in popular characters into the mix, including FFVII's Cloud Strife. While there's a few more characters waiting to make each of their epic intros, it's hard not to visualize who we could hope for in the future.

Dr. Wily

Most heroes got their respective rivals in the roster. So it would only make sense for Mega Man to get his arch nemesis, Dr. Wily. He has existed for over ten "Mega Man" games in the course of over thirty years, with a massive and interesting arsenal that can be used for his moves.

Tracer is basically the face of "Overwatch" since it first launched. She has some interesting move sets that could translate into some cool mechanics. Of course it doesn't have to be Tracer: characters like D. Va or Reaper, though Wrecking Ball and Doomfist sound interesting too.

Doom Guy and/or Dovahkiin

Considering "Doom" and "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" were launched in the Switch, Nintendo might consider adding them to boost interest in those games. Dovahkiin in particular could have some flashy dragon shout moves to use in combat.


Hey, Cloud got in, right? Might as well throw Sephiroth in as well. While at it, can we get Bahamut as an assist trophy? Also, imagine a stage based on the final dungeon in "Final Fantasy VII." That would look really awesome.
Sora, Riku, and Aqua

"Kingdom Hearts III" is about to be released really soon. To bank up all the hype, it's possible for Nintendo to license these characters and include them in Smash. Though three characters seem a stretch, and maybe Sora and Riku are the two most likely candidates, hopefully Aqua gets in as well since the game needs more badass female characters.
vercooked! Chefs

We don't know. It just kind of feels like it makes sense. Who knows by now.

Crash Bandicoot and Dr. N. Cortex

Crash is an icon, a legend, and the recent trilogy remake proves that many people still loves this bandicoot. Since the updated "N. Sane Trilogy" was also released on Switch, there's a slightly high chance for him to join the entire Smash roster.

Metal Gear Rex

Too big you say? Nonsense! Nintendo shrunk Ridley. They can do the same for Metal Gear Rex. With Rex, you can re-create your favorite "Metal Gear" scene that involved Rex and Cyborg Ninja.

Of all the characters we mentioned, Sans from "Undertale" seems to be the most possible choice in the future. And somehow he just makes sense. He's a likeable character, cool, and has some killer moves as a boss.

Special mentions fall onto Hollow Knight and that dude from Dead Cells.

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