Snapsacks celebrates its 4th anniversary with a Pokémon giveaway

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Geek | Oct 6, 2016

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And now for something totally new: balls!

Pokéballs to be exact. Snapsacks, the provider of fan-made bags with designs based on characters you see in Adventure Time, Star Wars, and many more, turned four years old last September 24.

In order to celebrate what would otherwise be a monotonous occasion for a human baby, the company has decided not to shower us with cake and balloons, but with a giveaway that involves so many balls that Ash Ketchum himself would retire from his nineteen-year-long crusade.

By clicking on the Snapsacks Pokémon Mastah Giveaway Facebook post or going to this link, you can complete the requirements needed to elevate your status from lowly trainer to somewhat-better-equipped trainer.

But that's not all!

Apart from sharing the post and liking pages, you have to comment on how this gear will help you become the best Pokémon Master as well as which creature in the series is your favorite. Now I don't know about you guys, but if I had to put my two cents, I would say that I'd want that gear in order to catch the best Pokémon of all time: Greymon.

The prizes you get below are as follows, but if you somehow manage to become the person with the most number of likes and shares on your public post, then Snapsacks will reward you with a bonus giveaway. This adds another Pokémon drawstring bag to your arsenal as well as a real Bulbasaur from Authority Hoodie.

Whoops, did I say "real Bulbasaur"? I meant a real plant inside a Bulbasaur planter. Sadly, modern science hasn't found a way to engineer Pokémon, but until that day comes, this is just as good as the real thing.

First Prize
Snapsacks Pokéball Drawstring Bag
Hatah Hatah Pokémon Trainer Hat, plus Pikachu & Charmander Hats
Droolwear Pokéball Shirt
Curtsy Pokéball Powerbank

Second Prize
Hatah Hatah Pokémon Trainer Hat & Bulbasaur Hat
OliveCubes Pokéball Toy
Pokémonmanila Pokéball Wallet

Third Prize
Hatah Hatah Squirtle Hat
Pokémon Maynila Pokémon Keychains

The giveaway ends on November 5, 2016, so if you want your hands on those balls, you better hurry! You can find out more about Snapsacks on their Facebook page. 

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