Snoop Dogg is going to be in the Knockout Mode of ‘EA Sports UFC 3’

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jan 29, 2018

EA EA Sports EA Sports UFC 3 Snoop Dogg UFC

Not as a fighter, mind you.

While the D. O. Double G isn't the most muscular rapper out there, he does have the voice of an uncle who has seen it all. Mean streets, gang shootouts, and now: mixed martial arts.

Continuing his appearances in games he doesn't really fit in (i.e.Rayman Legends), Snoop Dogg will be on as a commentator in EA Sports UFC 3's Knockout Mode. This means every slip-up you make, every move you make, Snoop will be watching you. 

Sure, he won't have the most in-depth things to say about an age-old combat sport, but you don't either. You just want to see pixelated recreations of real people beat the crap out of each other. And so does he.

EA Sports UFC 3 will be out February 2, 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, now with a possibility for a Dr. Dre DLC later in the year. 

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