Solve some hare-brained puzzles in 'Evergrow'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Feb 24, 2017

Evergrow Filipino developer puzzle game Unlibox

Apart from getting a good night's sleep and popping bubble wrap, nothing relaxes the mind more than watching videos of cute animals. One of the core pillars that made the Internet successful, everyone loves watching four-legged friends make fools of themselves on camera while the owners cash in on their pets' lack of shame.

Evergrow, a locally-developed game for the PC and Mac by Unlibox which was recently greenlit on Steam, is one such way that people can enjoy looking at an animal without having to assume responsibility for cleaning up after it.

Not to be confused with an iOS game of the same name, Evergrow is a devious title that lures you in with its calming soundtrack and paper book art style only to pull the cover off and reveal its true nature. Once you think you're in for a good time, the game takes you out of your comfort zone and wakes you up with its deceptively easy puzzles and challenges.

The premise of the game is simple: by placing a rabbit into one of the level's various blocks, you then direct it to fill up the entire stage with as much green as a marijuana plantation. Like an animal with a lower IQ than a human being, this bunny will stop at nothing until it reaches a wall or another patch of grass, forcing the player to plan out their course of action before hopping off into the sunset.

With 50 levels planned, Unlibox is set on filling these stages with as much traps and obstacles as a real-life relationship. And just like a relationship, should you dive headfirst into things without thinking, your bunny will most likely fail to succeed, forcing you to restart from scratch once again.

Featuring special blocks such as tunnels that teleport your furry animal elsewhere and tiles that redirect your bunny's path, each stage seems set on making players tear their hare out when Evergrow launches sometime this year.

But if you can't wait until sometime in the foreseeable future, you can try out the first chapter's 10 unique levels on the developers' page here

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