'Songbringer' allows you to play in a different world (or the same one) every time

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 4, 2017

Songbringer Wizard Fu Games

Tired of roguelike titles and Dark Souls emulators taking over the indie game market? You aren't the only one. Too much of a good thing can turn even the most unique ideas into one of the blandest concepts on Earth since tofu.

Even if Wizard Fu Games' Songbringer feels like The Legend of Zelda in space, each adventure you go through will be different if you choose it to be. 

You see, unlike randomly generated games like Risk of Rain (which are about as predictable as an episode of Rick and Morty), Songbringer starts off by asking you to input any 6-letter word into a blank text box.

I'm not entirely sure if made-up words are accepted, but your whole adventure will be generated based on this single word. Planet geography, secret dungeons - the only thing that could make this better is if inputting the word "bovine" would turn all existing NPCs with cows.

This creates a unique dynamic which allows users to generate a new galaxy by using a different word or revisit old level structures by typing in a previous one. The feature can be used by solo players to find new, non-linear worlds to explore, or by friends who want to experience the same world at their own pace.

No matter the universe you drop into, you still control unlikely hero Roq Epimetheos and his skybot Jib as they traverse the galaxy on the spaceship Songbringer (hence the game's title).

Apart from swinging the humming nanosword which accidentally unleashed bad guys unto the universe, Roq can use artifacts located on different planets and fallen enemies to unlock different abilities. 

These abilities can be combined to create different combinations of death-dealing mayhem. For example: a fire cube combined with a blink orb allows Roq to teleport while turning into a non-copyrighted version of the Human Torch which burns enemies who come into contact with him. Considering that progress in Songbringer is tracked by the artifacts you gather from enemy corpses and devices rather than experience points, expect to kill mobs for loot rather than sating your own bloodlust.

As soon as you complete a quest, you are graded just as you were back in high school. Completion time, items recovered, percentage of the map explored, and the game difficulty all factor in to your final score which gets put up on a global leaderboard for friends and strangers to judge you by.

But if you're in it for the chance to share an experience with a friend, then playing Songbringer is a better alternative than driving home drunk on a Saturday night. The game supports local co-op, where a second player controls Jim, Roq's skybot. This floating can opener can be used to scout fallen enemies for treasure and taze live enemies, making them easier fodder for Roq's nanosword.

Songbringer is now out PC via Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG.com for roughly 500 Pesos. An Xbox One version is also available, with the PlayStation 4 version coming out this September 5. 

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