Speed through the Sega Genesis era with the free fanmade game 'Sonic Time Twisted'

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Apr 24, 2017

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Unlike most 90s gamers who grew up on Super Mario, some of us actually started with Sonic the Hedgehog, who at the time was Mario's greatest rival. It can even be argued that Sega's speedy mascot actually toppled Mario from the top spot in the gaming world when Sonic the Hedgehog was first released on the Sega Genesis back in 1991.

It's unfortunate then that Sega couldn't maintain Sonic's claim to fame throughout the years. With the recent string of unsuccessful Sonic 3D games, Nintendo itself had to save the once iconic character from impending doom by featuring him in their own games.  

In an attempt to dig up a once great video game franchise, Sega is hyping up the release of Sonic Mania, which brings players back to the classic 2D Sonic experience. It's a completely new title that features side-scrolling, pixel gameplay, complete with the familiar Zones and Acts from the previous classics. The game was initially slated for release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this spring, but Sega recently announced that the launch will be delayed.

So while we wait for the launch of Sonic Mania, fans can try out a recently released fan game called Sonic Time Twisted.

Developed for over 12 years as a hobby project by Overbound Game Studio, Sonic Time Twisted features graphics and gameplay reminiscent of the Sega Genesis era. Players can choose to play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in the game's 8 original Zones and 28 Acts, as well as 10 boss levels. The game also borrows elements from Sonic CD, where you can time travel between the future and the past.

If you need a blast from the past to remember how fun the original Sonic games were, you should definitely check this game out. Sonic Time Twisted is FREE and available for download at Overbound's website, at GameJolt, or at IndieDB.

Will Sonic the Hedgehog speed through the test of time or will he crash and burn into oblivion? With the release of Sonic Mania on the horizon, let's hope Sega's speedster will survive.

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