Star Trek Beyond
is a fast paced, sci-fi action film that is full of fun, bustling with new character pair ups, and giving others a time to shine - just a little, itsy bit. However, it ends up being an "episode." J.T. Kirk, during a captain's log early in the film, has said so himself. Things have become episodic.

What I found refreshing about the film are the pair ups. In the past two films the bromance between Kirk and Spock seemed to have no end and will continue on for as long as both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will continue to reprise their roles. However, it is different in Star Trek Beyond. The combinations allowed more interesting interactions that were a full-on delight. They strengthened the relationship of the USS Enterprise crew and the film in general.

The plot, which involves rescuing a bunch of people and digging through the secrets of a mad alien, will have you wondering if something bigger is happening. The film will continue to drag this until the very end before making the big reveal - which you can feel either disappointed or not care at all. By the end of it all, it really doesn't matter. You sat down for almost two hours, watching a well-built action and fun film.

In some small way, I was hoping for something more, something deeper, a discovery from the vastness of Deep Space. Science fiction after all, explores everything about science, and I was hoping to run into more aliens and their culture, political struggles, and more alien worlds. But following a pattern like that would take away everything that made Beyond work.

The film paid a lot of homage, a nod here, a wink there. From Bones' outburst about the dark ages from the original films, to Sulu's coming out of the closet due to the original Sulu's George Takei being a strong LGBT supporter, and of course, the passing of the original Spock, as a heartfelt thank you to the late Leonard Nimoy. There might be even an additional tribute scene where we see Kirk and McCoy toast for the late Anton Yelchin, who played as Pavel Chekov. Though, the character remains in the film and has his share of great moments.

We might as well consider-that this film, looking and feeling like an episode, is also a wink to Star Trek's longstanding franchise. It is an episode, because like space, there will be no end to it. Somewhere out there in the nebulous skies, Star Trek's original creator, the late Gene Roddenberry, is clapping his hands. 

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