'Star Trek Timelines' update features content from new TV series 'Star Trek: Discovery'

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Sep 25, 2017

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It's a good year for Star Trek fans! Recently, Trekkies all over the world saw the premiere of Star Trek's new series, Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access.

In line with this, developer Disruptor Beam is integrating Discovery into its strategy role-playing game, Star Trek Timelines, which spans 51 years of Star Trek history.

The ships, characters, and storylines featured in the new series will make their way into the game. Players will get a sneak preview of these features via an introductory storyline with Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Saru.

To celebrate the new game content, there will be a month-long event called "Discovery: A New Anomaly." It starts on October 5 and will consist of four individual weekend events, introducing crew members such as Captain Phillipa Georgiou, Gabriel Lorca, Ash Tyle, and Harry Mudd.

Star Trek Timelines recently launched a major update that adds a revamped UI for ship battles, a new ship battle rewards system, and a new feature called "Voyages", which allows players to send out crews on long-duration missions.

The game is available on the Google Play Store, the App Store, Steam, and Facebook Gameroom

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