The twin brother of Leia Organa who was separated at birth in order to elude their asthmatic father, Luke Skywalker was searched for by literally everyone in Star Wars: The Force Awakens simply because he was the last of his kind.

Like Obi-Wan and Yoda who came before him, Luke adopted the apparent Jedi tradition of living your twilight years like a hermit while growing old and obese. So when Rey and pals find him on the same island where the Dursleys went to hide from Hagrid, it becomes his reluctant duty to train the incoming Jedi in the ways of the Force.

Since The Last Jedi marks the return of Mark Hamill's voice, I wanted to take a closer look at what makes his character worth searching for throughout an entire movie.

I got nothing.

Making his debut in the very first film (not the one with Jar Jar Binks), Luke Skywalker was an unlikely hero who was thrust into war because he bought the wrong robot slaves (never mind that his uncle and aunt didn't bother to change his surname).

After Ben Kenobi takes him under his wing, Luke fumbles with training that should have been undertaken at an early age. It's hard to imagine Obi-Wan mentoring this squatter when the last Skywalker he taught ended up committing uroxicide (that means he killed his own wife).

The majority of A New Hope sees Luke following the robed senior citizen in attempts to learn the same sacred voodoo magic his father did, all while whining about everything from lessons to battle plans.

Though he may have had a hand in rescuing Princess Leia, this could have been easily done by Han Solo and Chewbacca had they the common sense to know that a reward was involved. It comes as no surprise then when Obi-Wan lets himself get cut down by Darth Vader in hopes of getting away from another member of this messed-up family.

Even the attack on the Death Star could have been accomplished without him.

In a feat that is harder to believe than a Wookie losing a game of Dejarik, it was the rookie with no flight experience and brief training with a witch doctor who disabled the space station. Now the pilots who took shots at the exhaust port prior to Luke may need to get their eyes checked, but with that many ships in their armada it would only be a matter of time before one of them blew up the Death Star. It just happened to be this lucky shit.

Fast forward three years to the events of The Empire Strikes Back where we see both Leia and Han saving Luke's sorry hide yet again.

After failing to investigate a downed meteor, Luke ends up being rescued by Han Solo (who completes the mission he was sent out to do). Saddened by his own incompetency as a main character, he seeks the help of a master and finds the George Lucas equivalent of Kermit the Frog. Yoda is too old to commit suicide but reluctantly tries to teach Luke like Obi-Wan once did.

But even he fails at this as well.

Luke just isn't Jedi material. He's impatient, brash, and kisses his sister to boot (something people, and not just Jedi, shouldn't do unless they're a Game of Thrones character). When faced with a premonition that his friends are in danger, he doesn't stop to think; he just runs towards that city in the sky without even taking a shower.

This doesn't just end with him losing a hand and being saved by Leia, but it also causes Han Solo to be freeze-dried like a hairy ice pop and is the cause of the rescue in Return of the Jedi.

It's a wonder why the Emperor even wants him on his team.

Though he has a knack for the dark side (as evidenced by his family tree and toddler-like temper), Luke can't do anything as good as his father once did. You rarely see him pull off Jedi tricks, he doesn't win battles unless he gets angry or fights someone who doesn't come equipped with an oversized glow stick, and his sanity is constantly in question whenever he talks to the ghosts of his former masters - something the characters in the prequels never did.

Even Yoda and Obi-Wan start plotting the training of another Jedi once Luke storms out to Cloud City.

In fact, everything he does in the movies could be executed better by either Han or Leia.

Raised in a life of politics and activism, Leia is a far better strategist and combatant than her brother ever was. She knows more about the galactic situation than the rural farm boy and has more experience in conflict than just negotiating with Jawa traders. The only difference is that Luke was watched over by a Jedi because Leia's foster parents always wanted a girl.

Had Leia been given the same training that Luke underwent, she would have completed the whole course and faced Vader without having to lose her favorite appendage. Not only that, but both her stubbornness and skills as a diplomat and would prove better arguments for turning her father good again rather than aimlessly cursing Darth Vader for killing her father.

On the flip side, Han Solo is an infinitely better pilot than anyone in the Resistance, let alone a local from Tatooine. Flying his hamburger-shaped Millennium Falcon (this was the actual basis for the ship's geometry), the smuggler made a living by eluding the law countless times with his humanoid dog companion Chewbacca.

So why are they scouring the galaxy for this sand-born punk?

Could it be time for the Resistance's 30th anniversary victory party (a party which Luke himself was late to 30 years prior when he was busy polluting the environment by burning his metal-encased dad)? Or could it be a promise that Leia made on the grave of her father, swearing that she would invite her brother to every family outing?

No matter how you look at it, Luke Skywalker seems to be there for the sole purpose of being an extra hand in this party of two. He never completed his training with Yoda so he isn't a true Jedi. He is never present when it comes to meetings or parties, and the only pupil he had murdered one of his closest friends and is just as emotionally unstable as he was.

With the eighth film in the never-ending franchise coming this December, I can only hope that the last Jedi they're talking about in the title isn't this parent-murdering burden to the Resistance.
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