Steal as many undies as you can in "Panty Thief"

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Aug 15, 2016

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Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

The Studio of Secret 6, a Manila-based dev studio, recently released their second original mobile game called Panty Thief. It is what it is, though not as racy. The game started out as one of the entries submitted by Rai Villanueva and Igi Bairan in an internal game jam. Since it won over the interest of the company (it's a dude stealing panties, c'mon!), it was decided to be made available for mobile.

Panty Thief is well, all about stealing panties. You play as a zany character named Boggart, the panty thief extraordinaire. Satin, silk, lace, cotton, nylon, doesn't matter. He'll grab a panty when he can. Whether he steals panties because he likes smelling them or because he wants to wear them is unknown. Even though he wears a panty as a headgear, it's still unclear what his motive is. For all we know, he may be snatching them for all the poor little kids who don't have good underwear!

This is one of those mobile games that feature endless gameplay. There is no end goal; you just have swipe and tap to hop from window to window and steal some undies.  While climbing the building, you have to avoid getting caught by women in towels (why women would peek out their windows in bathroom wear, I wouldn't know) and old ladies lookin' for some love. As you climb further up, it gets harder and harder because more obstacles appear: Smelly dudes, pooping birds and nerdy boys toying with their gizmos.

Oh and guess what? There are panties that can give you special abilities. Granny panties give you extra lives, one special panty could make you fly and there's one that can render you invincible for a moment. Who knew underwear could give you such power? Is that why superheroes wear their undergarments outside of their costumes?

Still though. Ladies, never leave your undies unattended, especially your favorite ones. Gentlemen, don't try to be like Boggart and steal panties or you'll end up in jail, like he always does when you accidentally hit an obstacle. Instead of doing those, you can just play this game. It's harmless and not the least bit offensive.

Panty Thief is free and is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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