Stranger things have happened: New Ninja Sex Party video with Finn Wolfhard

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Geek | Jun 26, 2018

Finn Wolfhard Ninja Sex Party

A few hours ago Ninja Sex Party released a new song titled, "Danny Don't You Know." It features Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard as Young Danny. 

You can probably say the song is about Old Danny giving Young Danny some encouragement that life sucks for now but will eventually get better. It's dedicated to all the nerds in the world, with most important homework: Stay awesome as F*.

It's also about bananas and has a random centaur in the background. It's kind of surreal.

The song is pretty catchy and picks up speed halfway through with a powerful positive energy. It is probably one of Ninja Sex Party's most wholesome songs. Or as wholesome as it can get.

Ninja Sex Party is known for their outrageous, comedic, NSFW-related '80s-style rock music. It is comprised of YouTuber duo Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian. The former is also one-half of the Game Grumps along with Arin Hanson, who also appears in the video. Longtime Ninja Sex Party collaborators, TWRP, performs the awesome music. YouTubers Pamela Horton and Mark Fishbach aka Markiplier drop cameo appearances as well.

Finn Wolfhard has worked with Danny in the past as a guest in Game Grumps, during the Crash Team Racing and Wheel of Fortune episodes. 

Check "Danny Don't You Know" below.

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