Stylized isometric shooter 'Tokyo 42' launches this May

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | May 16, 2017

Mode 7 Games SMAC Games Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 attracted me with two things: a beautifully rendered future Tokyo...and cats. But the game, visually stunning as it is, has more tricks up its sleeves; which makes me excited for its release.

SMAC Games and Mode 7's project is an open-world isometric shooter set in a futuristic version of Tokyo. You play as a budding assassin who takes on missions and gets caught up in dark conspiracies in the process. The gameplay takes its inspiration from Grand Theft Auto 1 and Syndicate, as you can see nods to both games in the trailer below.

As demonstrated in another video released by Mode 7, you're free to approach a mission in any way you want. Whether you like eliminating your targets in a sneaky manner or unleashing a hail of bullets on your opponents, the game leaves it up to you to adopt your preferred combat style. You even have the option of buying different weapons and tools, all of which help you solve the many challenges the game throws at your lawbreaking face.

The bullet physics, jumping with air control, stealth, and crowd simulation all make for dynamic, frenetic gameplay. You can even spin the camera around to view the world from all angles! 

There's also a competitive multiplayer mode where you have to track your opponent amidst a crowd before taking him out. To make things more interesting, you have the option to deploy a 'TrackaCat' which scouts the enemy for you.

Tokyo 42 is launching on May 31 for Xbox One and PC via Steam. It will release on the PlayStation 4 as well this coming July. 

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