There are a lot of things I could use from the film to describe Suicide Squad. It's bipolar like the Joker's taste in clothing. It's messy and out of place like Will Smith's beard. But ultimately, it is just as bad as how the characters in the movie portray themselves to be.

More like a side-story before the inevitable Justice League movie, Suicide Squad gives us a look at the other side of the DC cinematic universe coin: the fun and kooky side, that is.

Following iconic DC villains such as Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot and... well that's about as iconic as it gets really. The movie sees them band together out of unfortunate circumstance as they try to save the world for once instead of blowing it up (except for The Joker of course, but more on him later).

The initial scenes are just downright boring. As nobody knows who these characters are yet, a lot of time is spent just setting up them up and making the audience care about these anti-heroes who will sadly never see the cover of children's lunchboxes.

Confidential files, flashbacks between the various antagonists, these are the things you will see at the start and well into the final parts of the movie. There is just too much that has to be done before the actual plot kicks in that it gives the recurring feeling that Batman V Superman gave moviegoers when DC went and jumped right into an all-star cast before properly introducing them in their own separate movies.

Deadshot is the star here, seeing as he gets more screen time and backstory than all the characters combined. The movie may as well be called Will Smith and Pals as he seems to carry the bulk of the acting and story, followed shortly by Harley Quinn.

Quinn, though playing second fiddle in the Will Smith fans club, is easily the most memorable character. Margot Robbie portrays the deranged character beautifully and whenever things get too grim or uninteresting, Harley is almost always there to lighten the mood with a snarky and playful one-liner.

The rest of the members of the Will Smith fans club are just there to make sure the "squad" part in the title is actually comprised of more than just two people. Though there are some standout moments for each character, they are used sparingly and never given enough attention as the two aforementioned characters.

But what about the Joker?

His is a special case. After Heath Ledger's performance as the Clown Prince of Crime and Jared Leto's initial appearance as him, I did not have high expectations for this new Joker and neither should you.

Dressed as a failed rapper, pimp, and butler, The Joker seems more akin to a mob boss than a mad psychopath. He has motives, priorities, and isn't as mad as you initially think him to be. Other than that, he does not have that much screen time either, serving more as an add-on to Harley Quinn's story than his own.

But I digress... and it isn't too hard to do so.

The movie has a lot of problems. First of all, it's hard to tell what Suicide Squad is about in the first place. Aside from the initial plot to stop the world from going to hell, you don't know if it's going for a zany feel, a horrific reflection of bad guys who are damaged because the world made them so, or an all-out action movie.

The same can be said about the soundtrack. Using licensed music from a variety of genres, Suicide Squad seems to want to say that it is more than just a movie about bad guys but a fun diversion from the seriousness of the DC heroes' main campaign.

But is it fun? It's really hard to say.

There were times I enjoyed the film for its funny parts, (most of them involving Harley Quinn), then I was immediately yanked back to a scene where Deadshot regrets having been a bad father to his daughter and I just felt confused on how to feel.

Not to mention the dialogue was just cringeworthy. There were just some lines that made me think that this movie had no room for improvisation, no life in it that just made it want to commit... suicide (heh).

It feels like a weird Frankenstein of a movie, where a lot of parts were put together in the hopes that the resulting monster would please the villagers but in reality they all just found him really weird and would like nothing more than to drive a pitchfork into his face.

If you enter the cinema with high expectations for Suicide Squad, then don't. It won't change your mind on DC's current streak of bad luck when it comes to movies or directors nor will it make you look forward to the upcoming Justice League movie (I am currently thinking of skipping that one now because of this).

When I said the film was ultimately as bad as the villains in it, I didn't mean that it was complete garbage. There are some standout moments, such as the lighthearted comedy and friendly banter between the squad members, that make you feel like this movie would be better off without the serious parts and focus more on villains just being the horrible people that they are instead of making them seem relatable or worse: good.

Suicide Squad isn't a good movie, but it isn't as bad as Batman V Superman either. It has a lot of ideas, none of which are fully fleshed out or realized, and while you may have already heard that the film is horrible, at the very least it won't make you suicidal.

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