'Super DGR World' is a fun, easy-to-access Mario ROM hack

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Features | Sep 11, 2018

DGR rom hack SMW Super DGR World

Ever since Nintendo has been neglecting to provide new content for "Super Mario Maker" the rom hacking community is expanding at an exceptional rate.

For those unaware, rom hacking is where people take original roms (game file) and hack them - changing sprites, music, etc. Among the most popular games to get hacked is "Super Mario World." Many of these hacks are difficult, requiring trial-and-error with a full mastery of Mario's advanced techniques such as Shell Jumps, Mid-Air Shell Jumps, Goomba Drop, and so on. 

It's also tradition in the Mario community for fans to build hacks based on their favorite YouTuber/streamer. In this case, YouTuber DGR gets his own "Super DGR World." Compared to the rest of the hacks based on streamers, like "Super Ryu World," DGR is relatively easy. 

The levels are short and sweet. You can expect a checkpoint after going through some rough obstacles - which is quite easy compared to the rest in the wild. But DGR World stands out most for being a well-made hack. The backgrounds were taken from various rom games, including "Cave Story" and music from the "Final Fantasy" series. And so far in the early stages, there's no sign of using any of the advanced Mario tricks mentioned. Though the game is still difficult by any means, but it should give anyone interested in the rom hack community a nice entry point to much larger hacks like the infamous Kaizo Mario 3.

For legal reasons, we can't publish where and how to obtain rom, rom hacks, and a certain hacking tool that lets you hack roms. To check out DGR himself, here's one of his videos below. Or better, check his Twitch stream of "Super DGR World."

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