'Super Mario Party' is the digital board game designed to end friendships

Written by: Karen Benitez

Games | Oct 12, 2018

Super Mario Party

It was fun while it lasted. A board game that we could pretty much carry around without worrying of losing any of the pieces. The Nintendo Switch is an awesome platform that way. "Super Mario Party" was an extravaganza on entertainment, one that reminds us to have plain old boring fun. Say what you will, Nintendo has never stopped creating quality videogames.

In "Super Mario Party" you choose one of the many Mario-related characters, including the Goomba and Monty Moles. You play against three other players in a chosen map, where you flip a dice and move accordingly across the board. Much like that really old board game - "Snakes & Ladders." As you move across the board you get into events such as obtaining allies and items to help boost the number of moves you can make on a single turn. You also obtain coins through random mini games splayed out in each map. With the coins, you can use to buy other items that will help you get the advantage over your opponents and to purchase a Star from Toadette, which is the primary goal of the game. After completing a certain number of turns, the player with the most Stars wins the game, but there are bonus stars awarded before the final decision -- which is something that sometimes draw ire from, I blame JK Rowling with that whole sudden Gryffindor win in the end of "The Philosopher's Stone."

There's enough variety of maps and mini games that could you entertained. It should be noted as well that this is best played in parties, with real people, where you guys can make fun of each other as you play. Playing it solo can and will be a lonely experience and defeats the purpose of the entire game. Though, this does not mean you can just bring your Switch in any party. Don't be Karen. No, not me, that other Karen. 

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