"Superhot" takes first-person shooting to a new degree.

If you often watch YouTubers, "Superhot" might be a familiar title to you, as two years ago, YouTuber Markiplier played an early demo of the game, which can be tested out for yourself here. And in short, Markiplier loved the game and gotten 3.8 million views. The newer, updated version was played again by Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, and yes, they both loved the game. Even Dashie was crazy about it.

So, this is a game we deserved to be kicked in the nads if we missed it.

It's wild and aggressive. It also requires a lot of patience and strategic maneuvering to win every round. It's one of the most stylish shooters I have ever checked out, bright red lines color the screen as bullets cut through air, bodies of fallen enemies shatter like glass, and time-manipulation like none any other.

Yes, time-manipulation is the main gameplay aspect here. Time stands still as long as the player stands still. This gives them a lot of time to plan out their attack in taking out all enemies as stylish as possible.

Going all wild and ballistic with the action won't help. The game finds ways to kill the player. Enemies do fire at them as soon as the player unloads a bullet. It's a fine balancing mechanic really. Sure, it's easy to pull the trigger, then a quick side step should keep players safe from enemies' incoming bullets. But it's much trickier than that. Enemies can appear elsewhere, flanking the player laying out their traps.

It's not possible to go all out guns-blazing as well, each gun the player wields has a small number of ammo, forcing players to throw the gun at an enemy, punch them straight in the kisser, capture their weapon mid-air, and start shooting.

Of course, gun-fu isn't the only combat approach. Melee is amazing here. Punching an enemy makes them drop their weapons in air, which makes it easy for the player to grab it. There are cue balls to throw, running over incoming vehicles, metal bats being swung left and right. It's everything a first-person action game needs without tassels.

It's a straightforward game that punches through walls and transports players right where the action is.

The graphics takes a minimalistic approach. White-room, some gray, red humanoid crystals, blue crystals, and so on. It's designed this way for two reasons: One, with all the aggression and time-stopping craziness, it's much easier to see the world. Second, it's supposed to look this way as part of the meta narration of the game's story.

What's that mean? It means, players play the game as themselves. Players receive a superhot.exe file and is implied as a virtual reality game. It's just the kind of thing that can be seen in some '90s or maybe even '80s virtual reality movies, which technically puts "Superhot" as a cyberpunk first-person shooter game. The game has a story. However the story is the less interesting aspect of the game.

The time-manipulation mechanic in game genre meant to have high-octane action and violence is a bold and cool move. It demands rigid discipline from players. In some ways, it almost plays like a turn-based first-person action game. Tactics is the key in succeeding the game.

"Superhot" is available right now on Steam.

About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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