Superman joins the fight in ‘Arena of Valor’

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Apr 13, 2018

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The Man of Steel is the new hero to jump into the fray at Arena of Valor's Valiant Server. Players can get him via the Superman bundle, which includes the hero and the Justice Lord skin, for 820 vouchers. You can also redeem Superman by obtaining a special chest when playing Arena of Valor and collecting Superman Sigils until April 16.

Superman is a good choice for players to ruin enemy formations and finish off low health targets. He can switch between normal and flight stances, the second of which provides him faster movement speed and additional damage when fully charged.

As for his abilities, his Kryptonian Strength deals physical damage and slows movement speed when in normal stance. In flight stance, the same ability would allow him to ram against enemies and fire his heat vision, knocking off a huge chunk of their health.

Meanwhile, the Man of Steel ability frees him from enemy control effects and increases his movement speed. When in flight, he does additional damage by slamming the ground and knocking enemies back.

Superman's ultimate ability is the Speeding Bullet, which significantly raises his charge up speed. When flying, the same ability would knock enemies back while his charge speed powers up. This is useful for crowd control as it pushes enemies away from teammates who have low health. 

Superman is the third DC character to be included in the Valiant server. Garena's Arena of Valor can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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