Survive as a slugcat in 'Rain World', a 2D platformer set in a dilapidated industrial world

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Mar 16, 2017

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If there's one thing a lot of video games get wrong, it's that their characters never eat.

After spending countless days on a perilous journey, not once do you see Gordon Freeman stop to eat a Snickers bar (in fact, you never really see him at all). And while some games have implemented a hunger system or showed their protagonists eating in cutscenes, it still irks me that a lot of characters rarely have a meal yet still have the energy to dodge oncoming gunfire.

Rain World is no such game.

Created by Boston developer Videocult and published by Adult Swim Games, the title is a 2D platformer that puts you in the skin of a slugcat.

What is a slugcat, I hear you say?

If you're thinking of an odd monstrosity that resulted from the mating between a slug and a cat, then you would be wrong. As it turns out, slugcats look very much like your average household cat - with their elegant fur and habit of ruling the internet with cute videos.

Sadly, this little guy is in no mood to take over YouTube. After becoming separated from his family in a flood, our squishable friend must make his way back home by braving the harsh environment that is in no way a proper neighborhood to raise a family.

Composed of over 1,600 rooms in 12 different regions, Rain World is filled with a number of different obstacles and enemies whose diets consist of cute fictional creatures (that means you). But unlike a cat, whose primary means of self-defense are coughing up hairballs and clawing the furniture, a slugcat has opposable thumbs which allow it to wield a spear and fend off enemies; prolonging its demise at the hands of another hungry creature.

It isn't just the wildlife you have to keep an eye out for, however. Located in these fallen industrial environments is a harsh downpour of rain that can kill even the slyest slugcat if he forgets to take a rain check. These dangers force you to use the environment to your advantage and adopt a stealthier approach to combat.

Your role in the game is far more than just being some creature's lunch, though. As you make your way back to mom and dad, you must also feed yourself with the wide variety of flora and fauna that you come across.

While you won't be eating something five times the size of your furry character, smaller creatures and fruit are good ways to make sure you won't die from starvation. These resources are finite though, so you can't just stuff yourself with food and expect an easy playthrough without diabetes.

But the best thing about Rain World is its procedurally generated animations that give the inhabitants of the planet a very lifelike feel.

Just like a cat video, objects in motion are far better than static pictures, and you really owe it to yourself to see the game in action. Mixed with traditional animation and computer coding, both the characters and objects move like Jell-O against their sturdy surroundings.

Rain World will be out on the PC via Steam this coming March 29, with a release on the PlayStation 4 coming sometime this year.

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