Survive through a post-apocalyptic snowfall in Impact Winter

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Feb 10, 2017

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Post-apocalyptic fiction has always appealed to me. Not only does it tickle my imagination of what the future could hold, but it also reflects the problems the world presently has.

We've already come across a variety of causes for an apocalypse: zombies, diseases, rogue AIs, giant monsters, alien invasions, and even political unrest have all had a dirty hand in causing mankind's downfall.  All of these are terrifying in their own way, but as movies and video games have taught us, these can always be prevented or at the very least contained.

It's climate change or anything from space that has me worried because unlike the aforementioned causes, we humans have no control over what nature unleashes upon us. We can fight off aliens, sure, but giant meteors? The most we could do is elaborately prepare for its arrival and the eventual doomsday that follows.

Impact Winter
, an upcoming indie game developed by Mojo Bones and published by Bandai Namco, seeks to explore a life after one such phenomenon hits the human race.

In the game, mankind is facing extinction after a giant asteroid crashes onto the surface of the Earth. The collision has caused death and devastation, forcing the world to drop to ice-cold temperatures and burying everything underneath a ton of snow.

You play as Jacob Solomon, one of the few remaining survivors of this environmental disaster, who is accompanied by a little robot called Ako-Light. Through sheer luck, Jacob finds shelter in a half-buried church along with its other inhabitants. As the days pass, the snow gets heavier. Just when all hope of surviving is forever lost, the group picks up a radio transmission telling them that rescue will arrive in 30 days.

It then becomes the player's job to keep everyone alive until then, making use of each individual's unique skills. Technically, you do control a team, but as the devs shared in their blog, "Impact Winter isn't designed as a people simulator. Instead, your team will think and act for themselves, moving, eating, drinking, sleeping and keeping themselves occupied. You won't be in charge of telling people where to go, instead you'll be leading over them in a more managerial way. Organizing rations, choosing what gets built, assigning roles, solving dilemmas and even choosing sides in an argument. This isn't a game that's built on micromanagement."

Strategy and time management is key in this survival game and it looks like the weather conditions will become even harsher as time goes on.

Test your survival instincts when Impact Winter launches on Steam this April 12. If you pre-order the game, you will receive its original soundtrack made by Mitch Murder. The game will also be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 digitally later this year.
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