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Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Jul 21, 2017

Ciousya Inc Game Tayo Light Puzzle Tayo

When you're browsing for a new mobile game to play, never underestimate puzzle games. Although you'll be dealing with repetitive puzzles, it's a leisurely way to pass the time and exercise your brain.

Take for example Light Puzzle Tayo. Created by Ciousya Inc. (or Game Tayo, as it is known locally), the same guys behind mobile RPG Lord of Dice, Light Puzzle Tayo is a puzzle game that requires you to create a path for a cube to reach a light switch.

You're given a limited area in which to move the path blocks. The game offers different ways to play this in its three modes: Star Mode, Move Mode, and Twin Mode.

Akin to the puzzle game Cut the Rope, Star Mode requires you to collect as many stars as possible while solving the puzzle. These stars are used to unlock more skins for your cube.

Move Mode tests your ability to clear a path within a certain number of moves. I haven't progressed very far in this game mode yet, but it is definitely the most challenging.

Lastly, Twin Mode tasks you with turning on two light switches by splitting your cube in two using the purple divider blocks provided.

Each mode features 12 stages, with each stage consisting of 50+ levels. If you constantly find yourself idle while waiting for a friend or taking a crap, playing Light Puzzle Tayo could be a good way to keep your boredom at bay.

The game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. 
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