Dark Souls 3: Review

By: Karen Benitez | 4 years ago

There is something disconcerting about the third and supposedly final installment of Dark Souls. Make no mistake, it is a beautiful game. The world of Lothric is vast with landscapes after landscapes of tragic horrors - the

GameGulp's Game of the Year Predictions

By: GameGulp Staff | 4 years ago

Welcome December! That magical time of the year when we all feel warm and fluffy inside. A time when we all take a break from the arduous rat race and celebrate this annual event. We're talking about Christmas of course, bu

The Old Hunters: Bloodborne Expansion Review

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

The "Bloodborne" downloadable content was introduced as an expansion, and with good reason. The new content is massive, feeling like its own self-contained, mini-sequel. The game is fierce, and every bit as horrifying as t

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