The Road to E3

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

There was a time when video games were showcased only in massive stadiums. Where the Electronic Exhibition Expo (better known as E3) and the select few media partners invited to the event were tasked with spreading the w

GameGulp's Anticipated Games for 2017

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

We blast through this year with a list of kick-ass games set for 2017. Note: Some of these games only have a 2017 release schedule with no exact date. And if titles like Persona 5 and Mighty No. 9 have taught us anything,

Trailer Trashed: Metal Gear Survive

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 3 years ago

"Oh look, zombies!" It is easy to make that assumption about the newly-announced and poorly-named Metal Gear Survive, a game created by Konami. Shuffling away from Hideo Kojima's gigantic ego, this new MGS (yes, you

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