LoL Worlds Day 3: FNC vs EDG

4 years ago

The upper half of the semifinals bracket has been decided and the next two matches will complete the lower half. The first match in the lower half of the bracket is between Europe's Fnatic and China's Edward Gaming. The lat

LoL Worlds Day 2: SKT T1 vs AHQ

4 years ago

After an exciting Day 1, the Quarterfinals continued with its second match between Korea's number one seed, SKTelecom T1, and Taiwan's number one seed, ahq e-Sports Club. SKT is well known for their undefeated streak from th

League of Legends Worlds: Quarter Finals

4 years ago

After an exciting groups stage, the League of Legends World Championship continued with the eight qualifying teams going against each other. Match ups were decided through a draw conducted on October 11. The result is shown

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