Games We Love and Games We Need Based on the Nintendo Switch Presentation

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

We finally got to see the full glory of the Nintendo Switch! While some details remain blurry, the games that will be shipping out look promising. So let's cut to the chase and talk about the new games that will be running

How Super Mario Bros. Revolutionized the World of Gaming

3 years ago

It seems far-fetched that an average Italian plumber could turn out as one of gaming's most popular icons. But then again, people will know immediately that it is Mario we are talking about. This short, mustachioed plum

Super Mario Run: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

Dear Android users, Super Mario Run is fun. If it's been a while since you played a Mario game, then this mobile release is your opportunity to bring back the nostalgia and hammer the fond memories into infidels who have

Super Mario Maker 3DS: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

The Wii U version of Super Mario Maker was a smash hit. It's what's keeping some YouTubers with declining views alive. Counting the amount of creative geniuses is impossible; there are just so many brilliant course desig

Chill Box: Super Mario Bros 3

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

Super Mario Bros kicked down the dam and let loose upon the world a flood of creative geniuses who caused a downpour of video games in the '80s. It was a gold rush in gaming where everyone wanted to test his or her id

Mario runs to the iPhone

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

The Miitomo mobile app is the first step of Nintendo's wayfaring toward foreign territories. Pokemon Go churned out its second phase, and that wasn't even the biggest news about it - at least for hardcore Nintendo fans -

Nintendo 3DS Direct: What We Have So Far

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

Okay, this is all we've gathered from Nintendo 3DS Direct, and we're man enough to admit that our info isn't complete, and we're posting this a week after the reveal. But it's Nintendo! Knowing them, their announcements

GameGulp's Game of the Year Predictions

By: GameGulp Staff | 4 years ago

Welcome December! That magical time of the year when we all feel warm and fluffy inside. A time when we all take a break from the arduous rat race and celebrate this annual event. We're talking about Christmas of course, bu

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